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Дата выхода отчета: 1 Августа 2011
География исследования: Москва и Московская
Период исследования: Q1 2011
Количество страниц: 22
Язык отчета: Русский и Английский
Способ предоставления: электронный

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    The overview sums up the results of the real estate market development in Q1 2011, including residential real estate market of Russia on the whole, Moscow and Moscow Region, as well as detailed analysis of the elite residential real estate market, enclosing the segments of rent and sale of the city and countryside residential space.  
    According to the preliminary data of Moscow State Statistics Service, approx 200 thous. sq.m. were delivered in Moscow for the whole Q1 2011, which is 60% lower than the indices of 2010 and constitutes less than 10% of the total volume of planned for delivery in 2011 residential space. According to the plans of authorities, 2.7 mln. sq.m. of residential space will be delivered in 2011 in the capital.
    The primary market in Q1 2011 is characterized with rather active delivery of new projects. This trend was characteristic of the whole last year. However, if in 2010 the market increased mainly with economy-class properties, then in Q1 of the current year, new supply was represented by the properties, belonging to different segments of the market. As of March 2011, the supply volume in the primary market of Moscow amounted to a little bit more than 200 properties or approx 1.2 mln. sq.m.
    In the first months of 2011 the primary market of Moscow on the whole displayed stability – the average level of prices by the results of March 2011 remained at the level of December 2010 in ruble equivalent and constituted 168, 800 rubles per sq.m. The analogous index in dollar equivalent amounted to $5, 950 per sq.m., 7.6% increase versus December 2010 was conditioned by the weakening of dollar against ruble. The average price in the secondary residential market was at the level of $6, 430 per sq.m. by the results of May, the increase of the average price for a quarter amounted to 0.6% in rubles and 8% in dollars.
    Approximately 1, 050 flats in 35 residential complexes and about 200 apartments in 6 complexes constituted the supply in the elite primary market in march 2011. In Q1 2011, the market enlarged with 6 new residential properties. The demand in the elite residential market of Moscow displayed traditional for the beginning of the year growth. The average price in the elite residential market stayed at the level of December 2010. There is no considerable raise of prices yet, among other things caused by the prohibition of new construction in the center of Moscow.
    The beginning of 2011 in the elite rental market was marked by the growth of supply and demand volume. The rental rates continued their growth. Minor drop of rates was noticed in January, however, already by the end of the period the rates recovered practically to the level of the end of 2009. As a result by the end of Q1 2011 the average level of rental rate reached the index of $7, 820 per apartment per month. The decrease for a quarter (caused by January drop of activity) constituted 1%, the annual increase – 9%.
       Q1 2011 did not bring any tangible recovery to the countryside residential real estate market of Moscow Region. However, a number of development companies announced their future plans on the implementation of new countryside projects in different price segments. It should be noted that the delivery of projects offered for sale land plots without compulsory building contracts continued. However, according to Blackwood experts’ estimates, the share of such projects in the total volume of new supply in 2011 will be gradually decreasing, more high-quality and liquid projects will enter the market.  
    As far as the wholesale land market of Moscow Region is concerned, during Q1 2011 the general level of the supply price indices stayed stable, minor shifts of the mean value depending on the direction and distance from MKAD were recorded, but they were caused primarily by the changes in the supply structure.
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    1. Summary……………………..………………………….…… 3
    2. Residential real estate. Russia. Moscow Region. Residential construction…...…….……………………….……. 4
    3. Residential real estate. Moscow………………...……….... 5
    4. Elite residential real estate. Moscow. Sale …………….….8
    4. Elite residential real estate. Moscow. Rent………..…...…11
    5. Countryside real estate …...….………………………….... 14
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    All rights reserved. This report has been prepared for information purposes only. The data and information contained herein are the exclusive property of Blackwood Real Estate company. Reproduction of the report in total or in part is allowed only with a prior written permission of the Blackwood real estate company. Quoting is allowed with refer- ence to the source. Q1 2011 Approximately 250 thous. sq. m. of high-quality areas en- tered the office real estate market for Q1 2011, 40% of them were “A” class properties, 60% - “B” class. Therefore, the aggre- gate supply volume in the office real estate market amounted to about 11 mln. sq. m. The recovery of demand for rent and purchase of high- quality office premises is going on in high paces. By the results of Q1 2011 the share of vacant premises amounted to approx 13 -15% in “A” class and 15-17% in “B” class. In general, the beginning of the year was rather positive for the office real estate market, the market continues to display rather stable indices, at the same time all the post-crisis trends remain relevant. The development market is recovering: for Q1 2011 the construction of several promising projects, as well as the resumption of the implementation of a number of large pro- jects was announced. The trend of the recovery…
    ОБЗОР РЫНКА КОММЕРЧЕСКОЙ НЕДВИЖИМОСТИ Общий объем введенных в 1 полугодии 2010 г. качест- венных офисных помещений составил порядка 450 тыс. кв. м, что меньше показателя 1 полугодия 2009 г. в 3 раза. Со- вокупный объем качественных офисных помещений класса «А» и «В» составляет на конец 1 полугодия 2010 г. порядка 10,5 млн. кв. м. Основные тенденции в спросе на офисную недвижи- мость по-прежнему отражают негативное влияние кризиса: велика доля запросов на покупку офисных помещений, ос- новной спрос на аренду сосредоточен в сегменте неболь- ших помещений, готовых к въезду. Поглощение качественных офисных помещений в тече- ние первого полугодия 2010 г. происходило достаточно вы- сокими темпами, однако созданный в течение 2009 г. «задел» вакантного предложения, выходящее на рынок но- вое предложение и большое количество сделок по аренде без увеличения занимаемой площади удерживают показате- ли свободных помещений на достаточно высоком уровне. На конец 1 полугодия 2010 г. доля вакантных помещений в классе «А» составила 25%, в классе «В» - 20-23%. Основные тенденции офисного рынка все еще носят кризисный характер: в течение 1 полугодия 2010 г. по- прежнему имели место корректировка девелоперских пла- нов, заморозка, либо изменение параметров планируемых к строительству проектов с офисн…
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    Кредитование жилья, покупаемого на вторичном рынке. Среди базовых ипотечных программам наиболее низкая процентная ставка при первоначальном взносе 20-30% и сроке кредитования 20 лет – 12% - у следующих банков: *** («Кредитный продукт Квартира – взнос 20%»), *** («Классический с комбинированной % ставкой»), *** («Кредит на квартиру с комбинированными ставками на период фиксирования на 3 и 5 лет»), *** («Вторичный рынок»), *** («Рублевый»). По всем программам установлен первоначальный взнос от 1% (Нордеа банк) до *% (Банк ЖилФинанс). По продуктам *** Банка, *** банка и *** существует мораторий на досрочное погашение – 3 мес., 6 мес. и 12 мес. соответственно. <…> По продуктам с фиксированной процентной ставкой лидирует *** (кредит «Валютный») – 9%. Единовременная комиссия по данному продукту 1,5%, мораторий но досрочное погашение кредита – 12 мес. <…> Среди основных особенностей предложения ипотечных кредитов по базовым программам необходимо отметить следующие: При предоставлении заемщиком справки о заработной плате по форме банка (вместо справки 2-НДФЛ) процентные ставки по всем программам повышаются на 0,5 - 1 п.п.; Однако лидеры ипотечных продаж (Сбербанк и ***) переломили эту тенденцию и кредитуют заемщиков по стандартным ставкам, не зависящим от формы подтверждения дохода. <…> …
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