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Business plan "System of Online Payments Accepting and Control" (with financial model) (артикул: 22880 29294)

Дата выхода отчета: 4 Декабря 2014
География исследования: Россия
Период исследования: 2014г.
Количество страниц: 81
Язык отчета: Английский
Способ предоставления: электронный

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  • Полное описание отчета

    Adaptation of this business plan is possible for similar project on the territory of Russia and countries of CIS.


    The financial model in separate file is attached to this business plan, which makes it easy to build a new financial plan by entering the appropriate data.


    Essence and idea of the project: creation of the payment service «EQ-Pay».


    Specifics of the project: creation of unified system of acceptance and control of online payments, which integrates the different payment systems and is a mediator between Internet entrepreneurs and online buyers of goods and services. 


    Audience of the project: segments of B2B (Internet entrepreneurs) and B2C (final consumers, payers). The Russian-speaking population of CIS, European countries and the USA, which conducts the entrepreneurial activity in the territory of mentioned countries, were considered as B2B audience.

    Geography of Audience

    Number of companies

    United States of America











     A state of the market:

    volume of global e-commerce market by results of 2013 has amounted to 1,248.4 bln USD and  increased by 18% in comparison with the similar indicator of 2012;

    global turnover of e-commerce even in the current year 2014 will exceed the level of 1.5 trln USD and till 2017 it will amount to 2.4 trln USD approximately;

    according to the experts, besides the countries of Asia-Pacific region, the leaders of growth are Russia, Argentina, Mexico, Brazil, Italy and Canada;

    the Russian market of e-commerce tends to increase in 4 times till 2018: the share of online trading in the total volume of retail in Russia will increase from 3% to 12% during the next few years.

    Financial indicators of the project:




    Necessary investment






    IRR annual



    Payback period



    Discounted payback period



    Excerpts from Research:


    After the buyer’s definition of his purchase, he is addressed to the payment page of «EQ-Pay», where he chooses the convenient payment method.  


    Anyone of «EQ-Pay» system’s clients (the Internet entrepreneurs) has his own virtual account, where the funds from online buyers of goods and services are primary transferred.


    A seller is informed about entering of payments in his favor.  The client of «EQ-Pay» can take his funds in one of three ways:


    transfer to his account in a payment system;

    withdrawal to the ATM-card distributed by the «EQ-Pay» Company;

    replenishment of the VISA Virtual card issued by the «EQ-Pay» Company.

    The fees for services of payments accepting amount to 2.9% of sum, which is transferred in a favor of the «EQ-Pay» system client.


    Benefits of System for the Internet Entrepreneurs:


    signing of one agreement with the service for all types of payment systems;

    quick and easy integration;

    monitoring of the situation with helping of sales reports and analytics;

    there is no need to delve into the intricacies of each payment systems;

    an opportunity to reduce the number of stuff, which controls the taking of funds to the accounts;

    convenience of the system of online payments collection;

    the average market fees for services of systems of electronic payments accepting; 

    an alternative in choosing of fee rate – an internet entrepreneurship can use either fixed or percentage rate, considering the most favorable variant for him depending on the average payment;

    single percentage rate of fees regardless the type of payment system, which the payments are transferred from;

    an opportunity to expend the number of available payment methods, increasing in this way the attractiveness of online store for the buyer;

    reduction of time period between making decision about the purchase and placing an order.

    Benefits of System for Online Buyers of Goods and Services

    an opportunity to pay in the most convenient way;

    the site is multilingual;

    accepting of the most demanded currencies: RUR, USD, EUR, UAH;

    day-and-night accessibility of payments accepting system;

    there is no need for additional registration in the system of payments accepting – transition to it from the site of online store is automatic.

  • Подробное оглавление/содержание отчёта

    List of Tables, Figures and Diagrams  3


    Executive Summary  5


    1. Project Description  6


    2. Analysis of Market of Electronic Payment Systems (EPS)  9


    2.1. Global Market of E-Commerce  9


    2.2. Global Market of Electronic Payment Systems  11


    2.2.1. Market Key Players  12


    2.2.2. Market Forecasts  13


    2.2.3. Tendencies of Electronic Payments Market by Countries and Regions  15


    2.3. Project Audience  18


    3. Description of Services  24


    3.1.Basic Algorithms of the Service  24


    3.2.Main Clients’ Groups  26


    3.3.Potential of Project Services Development  27


    3.4.Requirements for the Users’ Identification  29


    3.5.Prohibited Business Categories in Accordance to the Requirements for Project Implementation  32


    3.6.Prohibited Jurisdictions  34


    3.7.Anti-Terrorism Measures and Anti-Money Laundering of Project  35


    3.8.Security and Fraud Prevention  35


    4. Project Partners  36


    5. Competitive Environment  37


    6. Project Marketing  54


    7. Project Personnel  58


    8. Financial Plan  61


    8.1. Assumptions of the Project  61


    8.2. Seasonality of the Project  61


    8.3. Sales Volume of Project Services  62


    8.4. Revenue of the Project  64


    8.5.Personnel of the Project  65


    8.6.Categories of Costs by the Project  69


    8.7.Cash Flow Statement  70


    8.8.Basic Financial Indicators of Economic Efficiency of the Project  73


    9. Sensibility Analysis of Project  75



  • Перечень приложений



    Table 1. Summary Table of the Main Online Payment Methods in Different Regions of the World  17


    Table 2. Number of Russian-Speaking Population of CIS  19


    Table 3. Number of Audience by Countries of the CIS  20


    Table 4. Number of Audience by the Countries  22


    Table 5. Potential Number of Companies (Project Audience), units  23


    Table 6. Restrictions on Use of Service  35


    Table 7. Project Partners  36


    Table 8. Profile of the Robokassa Service  38


    Table 9. Profile of the Z-PAYMENT Service  40


    Table 10. Profile of the DENGI ONLINE Service  40


    Table 11. Profile of the PLATRON Service  41


    Table 12. Profile of the PAY2PAY Service  41


    Table 13. Profile of the WALLET ONE Service  42


    Table 14. Profile of the PAYONLINE Service  44


    Table 15. Profile of the NEXTPAY.RU Service  44


    Table 16. Profile of the ONPAY.RU Service  45


    Table 17. Profile of the PAYANYWAY Service  46


    Table 18. Table of the ICEPAY Service  48


    Table 19. Profile of the PLATON Service  49


    Table 20. Project Marketing  54


    Table 21. Detailing of the Project Advertising Campaign  56


    Table 22. Calendar Plan of Marketing Strategy  57


    Table 21. Manning Table and Wages of Personnel  58


    Table 22. Responsibilities of Personnel  58


    Table 25. Assumption of the Project  61


    Table 26. Seasonality of the Project  62


    Table 27. Sales Volume of Project Services  62


    Table 28. Revenue of the Project  64


    Table 29. Revenue of the Project by Years  65


    Table 30. Personnel of the Project (Costs)  65


    Table 31. Costs by the Project  69


    Table 32. Cash Flow Statement  70


    Table 33. Cash Flows of the Project by Years  72


    Table 34. Basic Indicators of Project Economic Efficiency  74 




    Diagram 1. Types of Electronic Payments  12


    Diagram 2. Global Amount of Transactions via EPS  14


    Diagram 3. Global Volume of Payments  15


    Diagram 4. Turnovers of Payments via EPS, trln RUB  17


    Diagram 5. Seasonality of the Project  61   




    Figure 1. Benefits of System for the Internet entrepreneurs  7


    Figure 2. Algorithm of Registration in the Service System  24


    Figure 3. Algorithm of Service Operation  26


    Figure 4. Algorithm of Identification  30


    Figure 5. Algorithm of Identification for Companies  31

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